Said the famous Albert Einstein

Expressing our emotions through painting is an excellent exercise to lighten the mood, distract the mind to avoid boredom, and connect the heart and brain enhancing our emotional intelligence.

Through creative activity, the brain is trained and that vicious circle of negative thoughts is interrupted.

Emotional painting, as the name suggests, favors the expression of emotions through painting. The aim is to allow people to express denied, repressed emotions. Emotional painting, in this sense, represents a tool to give voice to deep emotions, learning to listen to them, in order to gradually acquire the ability to flow freely with life. Repressed emotions are transformed into limiting blocks and it is important to let them flow, accept them, communicate with them.

Emotional painting,

According to the people that practice it, it is suitable for a diverse audience. It is not necessary to know how to paint, the only requirement is the desire to get involved, to get to know each other better. Unlike classical painting, emotional painting aims to free emotions, rediscover lost creativity, relax, get to know each other, express oneself without fear and, last but not least, share the experience with the rest of the group.

Well it seems that even through artistic expression it is possible to manage stress and conquer personal well-being! The honored teacher, Barbara De Vho, is also convinced of this. Speaking of her course, she says: The ultimate goal of this journey will be crossed by light and colors, playing with the infinite shades of the Soul…

Why not try it then? Perhaps our back pain is not part of the series of treatable ailments with a similar therapeutic approach, but what does it matter? Basically it is a porcelain painting course in all respects and even in a worse case scenario we will have learned all the secrets of the classical technique in an environment that promises to be very comfortable and relaxing.

BUT painting is not just therapy, it is also fun, company, reflection! IT’S ART

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